Coosa Bluewater Glass Reinforced Polyurethane Panels

Coosa Alternative to Starboard, Sintra and Other Homogenous Plastic Panels

Hatch lids and other boat deck surfaces exposed to direct sunlight won’t sag or excessively expand if made from COOSA Bluewater panels. 
Great alternative to Starboard, Sintra and other homogeneous thermoplastic materials.

A major advantage of Coosa panels is not only the composite design of the panel but also use of Polyurethane as the main bonding agent and resin. Unlike polyethylene or PVC, polyurethane is thermosetting and will not soften with increased ambient temperature. The combination of the these two features and introduction of the fibreglass woven roving under the surface on either side of Coosa's Bluewater panels result in superior shape and dimensional stability of the boards. This makes the material a superior core material for flat surfaces exposed to direct sunlight. Where homogeneous plastic panels like Starboard or Sintra will bend and sag, and expand when overheated, Bluewater will maintain its flatness.
  • Bluewater max ambient temperature: 300F
  • Bluewater coefficient of linear expansion per 1deg C: 0.000031013

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