For over 20 years, Coosa Composites has been providing innovative panel solutions for use in a wide variety of industries. Coosa's specialized panels are constructed with high-density, closed-cell, polyurethane foam impregnated with layers of fibreglass to serve as a strong, and reliable alternative to plywood and other traditional unreinforced core materials. Coosa’s panels are durable and can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. The unique construction of the panels provide multiple advantages over honeycomb, unreinforced plastic or foam cores, plywood and other traditional sandwich core materials.


    > Transoms

    > Decking

    > Stringers

    > Bulkheads

    > Hatch Lids

    > Fuel Tanks


    > Semi-Trailers

    > Straight Truck Boxes

    > EMS Vehicles

    > Floors & Subfloors

    > Drop-down Floors

    > Sidewalls, Roofs, Doors

  • RV

    > Subfloors

    > Bulkheads

    > Walls and Roofs

    > Slide-outs

    > Restrooms

    > Cabinets, Compartments


    > Building Facades

    > Interior Walls

    > Canopy and Sun Shades

    > Counter Tops

    > Walls & Floor Backing

    > Trade Show Displays


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